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Hoopla Adventures – Leaving Home

‘Hen’ – a colloquial term in Scotland which refers to the female of the species.

It’s also the name of my very English partner and is a constant source of confusion.

There was only one thing to do about it. Leave this beautiful country and live a life on the road to free Hen (also known as Henry or Wolfie) from further distress.

Our whimsical ways have lead us down the rabbit hole, in a manner of speaking. We now reside in a Suzuki Wagon and bounce from festival to festival as we work our way around the UK and beyond.


This once terrifying thought of packing up our lives and leaving everything behind is now a reality. No ties, no bills, the occasional bed and legs ravaged by horse flies.

Be under no illusions, working a festival season is hard work, but never boring. If you are lucky enough to have some downtime you might get the chance to dance into the night with world class DJs or see a band you’ve always wanted to see.


Between us we have worked 245 hours in three weeks with only one visit to the medic tent. We’ve gone from main bar at TRNSMT, VIP food at Latitude before managing bars at the final Secret Garden Party.

800 miles into our journey we still have good health on our side and a lot to conquer. Stay tuned for photos, tips and updates! ✌ x


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