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Sheffield – Kendal Calling (Penrith)

It’s another morning where Hen drives and I sing him renditions of Wham’s ‘Wake me up before you go go’. But let’s be honest he was singing along too…

As an adult with full blown motion sickness I’m also drugged up to the eyeballs and liable to fall asleep. The perfect travel partner you might say.

We are rapidly approaching the 1000 mile mark as we draw closer to Kendal Calling just outside Penrith. Now geography isn’t my strong point but should it not be Penrith Calling?! I guess it has a better ring to it.

We don’t know what to expect from Kendal Calling.  After our stint as assistant bar managers last week at SGP it might happen again. We do know we’ll have some of our friends there; a fellow crew of bartenders taking on festival bars one at a time.

We also know there will be a Yellow Movement contingent at Kendal and Scottish staff being ferried down so I can satisfy any homesickness. I’ve even dyed my hair ginger for the occasion.

Farewell Sheffield for now, let’s see what Lakey D has to offer! ✌❤


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