IMG_20180429_181130_104_Collioure Beach_Collioure_Beach_France_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Snapshots – Pyréneés-Orientales

It’s France with a Spanish flavour. A look at our journey from Perpignan down to the seaside town of Collioure via Céret a village famed for its cherries and art.

20180427_130840_Henry in Perpignan City Centre_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Henry in Perpignan City Centre


The city is well known for playing host to various festivals including an international photojournalism exhibition and its varied food scene with flavours from Spain and North Africa.

20180427_161942_Castillet Perpignan_Hoopla Adventures_2018



Inside the Palace of the Kings of Majorque

20180427_162110_Perpignan_2018_Hoopla Adventures

Perpignan city centre

20180427_151454_Perpignan Cathedral_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Perpignan Cathedral

20180427_160736_Perpignan Fountain_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Perpignan Fountain


Most famous for its cherries and its association with famous Cubist artists such as Picasso!

20180429_115925_Ceret_France_Hoopla Adventures_2018


French pastries…

20180429_123317_pont du diable_ceret_france_hoopla adventures_2018

Pont Du Diable


A seaside town that rivals San Tropez with its beautiful azure waters, chic eateries, local wines and contemporary art scene.

IMG_20180429_212048_522_Collioure_Beach_France_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Collioure Beach

IMG_20180429_212048_521_Collioure Beach_ Hoopla Adventures_2018

Collioure Beach with Castle

20180428_152624_View from windmill collioure_Collioure_France_Hoopla Adventures_2018

View from Collioure Windmill


20180428_150330_Museum of Modern Art Collioure_Collioure_France_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Museum of Modern Art

IMG_20180429_181130_104_Collioure Beach_Collioure_Beach_France_Hoopla Adventures_2018

Collioure Harbour Frame


Panoramic of Collioure

Find full guides to Perpignan and day trips to Céret and Collioure on our blog!

Next week we look at Catalan cuisine with an introduction into what it is and how it differs from Spanish food! x

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