Travel Jobs – 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money

Mountain living to teaching English abroad, we have tried and tested all kinds of travel jobs to see the world!


We have officially been on the road for two years, and outside of the UK we have lived in three countries.

There has never been that desire to settle down, although we are engaged.

On the job hunt? Save me for later!

For our own separate reasons travelling wasn’t something we could do for a long time, but it’s the only thing that made sense to do now while we have youth and health on our side.

We’ve got a rundown of the jobs we’ve worked and how to look for the same opportunities yourself!

Working At Music Festivals

Starting out we stuck to our hospitality guns and went for a job that meant we could travel all around the UK and attend 13 music festivals!

Jenni inspired this move after years of working on bars at festivals intermittently, so we decided why not do it for a season?

Jen and Hen in colourful jumpsuits - 5 ways to work abroad
Our outrageous festival clobber!
Crowd, on a cliff overlooking Cornwall and the sea - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Can you spot the shark?!

We were gifted a car from family and sold or got rid off our excess stuff and prepared ourselves for a summer of festivals in our trusty wee car!

The main agencies we applied to where Seed Events and HAP Recruitment working alongside Peppermint Bars and the one privately owned festival we were lucky enough to find jobs at was The Good Life Experience in Wales.

Our jobs varied from event to event, bar managers, stock managers, food trucks and eventually we were asked to build and break bars which is where we made good money.

You could also do this with zero experience and do bar work or even on a voluntary basis to see more of the festival, because it is long hours!

Henry sitting outside a tent at Leeds Festival - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
We were pros at setting up a tent in no time!
Jen and Hen with sparkly faces at night! Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
All sparkled up!!

Pros: Seeing all of the UK from Cornwall to Scotland, Norfolk and Brighton and the good banter.

Cons: Never enough time to sleep properly and eating festival food for three months.

Hoopla Tip: We also have an extensive guide on how to survive a festival season – from looking for jobs to what to expect once you have the job!

Highlands Hotel

We needed a job for a short while between festivals and the next job, so our friend asked if we wanted to work in the Highlands of Scotland in the middle of nowhere and we said, aye!

As a Scot (Jen) I hadn’t done much traveling in my own country and this seemed the perfect opportunity to gain vital hotel experience and live in the wilderness.

Jen and Hen at a waterfall in the Highlands - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Chasing waterfalls…
Snow capped Highlands and a loch - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Our hotel was on a loch!

There are lots of hotels in Scotland who rely on seasonal workers to work as General Assistants (a bit of everything from cleaning to serving etc.) in smaller hotels and the big hotels need dedicated housekeepers, servers, bartenders etc.

We worked on the NC 500, a route that spans the North West of the Highlands in a loop from Inverness.

The hotel was in Kylesku, which is also the name of the hotel. A gorgeous place which serves up fresh and local seafood every day, sat on a breath-taking loch and surrounded by mountain peaks.

It was idyllic living and we were so grateful for the training they gave us and the wee family we had there, but living at work is not for everyone and like any family there will be hard times!

On days off we ate the famous Lochinvar pies, chased waterfalls, hiked, explored the beaches in Durness and made regular visits to Ullapool with the staff car.

We also had a stag that visited us in our back garden on a daily basis, where else does that happen?!

Local mussels on a plate - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
The food was phenomenal at the hotel!
Switchback road in the Highlands - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
We were directly on the NC 500 route…

Pros: Surrounded by breath-taking views, meeting some amazing people and the food!

Cons: Demanding shifts and cabin fever after a while, but we really enjoyed our time here and didn’t feel it too badly.

French Ski Season

The hotel training we received was to prepare us for a move to the French Alps.

A season is around 4/5 months and it’s living where you work often with big teams.

French Alps - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Arriving up the mountain…
Team photo in a ski lodge - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Dream team ahoy!!

You can come as a housekeeper, chef, chalet host, ski instructor, bartender, manager or nursery worker.

Henry was something akin to a general manager (guest services) and I was restaurant manager (front of house) for Black Diamond Lodge in Sainte Foy.

We lived in a staff chalet with our team and worked in a privately owned small, boutique hotel. It wasn’t unlike the hotel we had just worked in!

We say hotel as it has a commercial bar and restaurant, 10/11 rooms and it also takes guests for two/three nights and not the traditional seven night chalet stay.

As managers the job was a bit more demanding than a normal seasonnaire/chalet host, but we had time to ski or snowboard most days and our meals cooked for us every day and it was included in the job!

Ski lift in the French Alps - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Jen had to face her fear of heights!
Hotel sign and mountain view - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Not a bad workplace!

Pros: Amazing people, learned to ski and snowboard and living on a mountain is awesome.

Cons: Look after yourself, you can get sick a bit easier on the mountain and very early starts.

Au Pairs In Italy

Originally we had looked to do some volunteer work for the summer on Workaway, but we saw an au pair agency online and signed up!

Using Au Pair World we got lots of useful information, as this is something we had never done before and a family got in touch.

Family photo on the farm in Umbria - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Our beloved farm!
Henry walking through Italian countryside - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Long walks through the Umbria countryside!

They were looking for a couple to help on their farm in Umbria and after a Skype call they asked us to visit them and see if we got on with the kids.

After spending some time traveling, and one festival job we moved to Italy and spent a summer in the countryside on the border of Tuscany and Umbria with the sweetest family.

A normal working day was get up early, breakfast and get the kids ready. Do some activities, have lunch then do something more chill in the afternoon.

Meanwhile Henry did farm work, looked after the animals and vegetables and any odd jobs.

We had the weekend off and they gave us a car to explore the very underrated region of Umbria and Florence!

There was payment on top of accommodation, Wi-Fi and food for free, and it was enough to explore with.

Our kitchen views…
Bicycles in all colours and an Italian street - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
The nearest town – Citta di Castello

Pros: Learning Italian, living with a lovely family and eating Italian food.

Cons: It can be frustrating when the kids are naughty and act up but we really bonded with them and the cute farm cats!

Hoopla tip: Our whole summer experience and how we dealt with the highs and lows of the job can be found here.

Teaching English in Slovakia

Henry had completed a CELTA before leaving the UK and Jenni is a qualified journalist who loves the English language, so teaching was our ultimate goal!

In terms of a travel job this really can take you anywhere and we have now spent nine months in Bratislava, Slovakia teaching in a school and privately.

Refuelling in our favourite coffee spot!
Bratislava was a surprise, beautiful and welcoming!

Our hours differ, Jenni works less hours but is paid more per hour as she teaches privately (mostly kids) and Henry works in a language centre full time.

Whether you work online (our future goal) or do one or two semesters in a different country, this is a fulfilling job that means you can travel anywhere.

We found it much more useful to have a TESOL or CELTA and a degree. Otherwise visas are often difficult to obtain, which you can read more into in our article on getting a ESL/EFL job.

Bratislava – a fast changing city!
Around the corner from Hen’s language school

Pros: Travel more and it’s a fulfilling job most of the time.

Cons: The hours at a school are demanding, planning lessons and travel time. It’s also not all smooth sailing, kids act up and parents can expect too much.

Hoopla Tip: Our readers will know this can be a hard job and yes it’s fulfilling but when you have anxiety it can make it even more daunting.

Useful Websites

Here are a list of websites we’ve used to find jobs and get information from!

Pinterest graphic - Travel Jobs - 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money
Five Ways To See The World And Earn Money!


HAP Recruitment
SEED Staff

Highlands Hotel:

S1 Jobs

Ski Season:

Work A Season
Season Workers

Au Pair:

Au Pair World (Jobs and Advice)

Teaching English:

Dave’s ESL CafΓ©
British Council (help with lessons and advice)

We hope this inspires and helps towards finding that dream job abroad.

Any questions, just comment below!

Jen and Hen x

5 thoughts on “Travel Jobs – 5 Ways To See The World And Earn Money

  1. They all sound like amazing experiences! I found my Irish host family on AupairWorld, so I can highly recommend that site as well. I love the fact that you just find a new place and leave. You are killing it! And I hope to try something like that again one day πŸ™‚


  2. They all sound like amazing experiences. I found my Irish host family on AupairWorld, so I can highly recommend that site as well. I love the fact that you just find a place and leave. You are killing it! I hope to do something like that again one day πŸ™‚


  3. Inspirational guys, and love how much variety this gives in both location and experience.
    Once I’m too old for my WHVs (not too long now haha) I’ll need to be a lot more savvy and open in what jobs I do. Can’t wait to see where that leads though! Cass xx


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