Meet the bloggers

A couple on the road to nowhere and everywhere via train, plane and automobile.


Jenni Flett (otherwise known as ‘Genepi Tarti-flett’)

I’m a qualified journalist and a true Leither who has had a colourful and somewhat varied career from PR, support work, copy writing, bartender, street market seller. I’ve managed restaurants in Edinburgh and in the French Alps. A foodie who loves the outdoors and exploring, especially if it involves food and/or wine..! All of my money goes on traveling and experiences, coffee, music/gigs and jazzy shirts.


Henry Lecky (self confessed ‘beardy weirdy’)

A full blown nerd from England, namely just outside Brighton but have lived all over the South and Scotland! I studied astrophysics and became an accountant for several years. Have also worked in hospitality and in a garage fixing up cars. I’m a firm believer in try everything once which is why I’m a convert to seasonal work. My one aim at the moment is to travel, see the world & have no regrets.

We have given up adult responsibilities to take on traveling the world, working as we go. Essentially we’re a couple of mad yins on a big adventure!

We understand that not everybody has the funds or means to travel freely. The nomadic lifestyle can seem hard to achieve, so as we muddle through trying out different jobs we’ll hopefully show you the way to do it without being rich or relying on parents.

They’ll still do our washing occasionally but we’re responsible enough to do our own most of the time.

Just remember kids….

When life gives you lemons, it’s tequila time!